Terms and conditions for the “Data Science Scholarship Offer"

What are the eligibility criteria for the scholarship?

Below are the mentioned eligibility criteria for availing the scholarship Users who enroll in the BlackBelt Plus program within the duration of the offer will be eligible for the scholarship.
Enrolled users have to complete the courses listed below (12 courses out of the total 27 courses) within 12 months from the date of enrollment.

1. Applied Machine Learning - Beginner to Professional
2. Structured Thinking and Communication for Data Science Professionals
3. Retail Demand Prediction using Machine Learning
4. Fundamentals of Deep Learning
5. Getting Started with NLP
6. Mastering Apache Spark using Python
7. Fundamentals of MongoDB
8. AI and ML for Business Leaders
9. Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced
10. Fundamentals of Structured Query Language
11. Storytelling using Power BI
12. Tableau

What will be the total duration of the BlackBelt+ Program if I enroll during the scholarship offer period?

The total program duration of the BlackBelt PlusProgram will be the same, i.e 24 months, however, to avail of the scholarship, users have to complete the courses mentioned above within 12 months from the enrollment start date.

Am I eligible for the scholarship if I choose to go for a loan and pay EMI?
The scholarship is only applicable for those users who will enroll with one-time full payment.

When will I receive the scholarship amount and how?
As soon as you complete the courses mentioned above, just drop us a mail at training_support@analyticsvidhya.com and we will mail you a request form. Just send us the form and post verification (on completion of all courses/assignments/projects) you will receive the scholarship amount in your bank account within 30 days. International users will get the scholarship amount via their PayPal accounts and for international payments (other than INR payments) money refunded will be as per the conversion rate at the time of purchase. The final refund credited to your account will exclude the GST amount.

NOTE: The rest of the Terms and Conditions of the Certified AI & ML BlackBelt Plus program are applicable as per the details mentioned here Terms and Conditions.